Ms Harrex pleaded guilty to 3 x Section 8 Cruelty charges, one section 7 Management of Animals and 3 x Section 14 charges (failure to follow an instruction) in relation to a horse ‘Tess (Velvet du Mour)’ on 10 August. There was a failure to treat the horse, a failure to follow vet instructions, a failure to trim the hooves of Tess and a failure to regulate feed.

The magistrate decision on sentencing was issued on 18 August. Ms Harrex has an animal cruelty conviction and was issued with a $2,500 fine, RSPCA was awarded $1,396 in costs, and a Ms Harrex has a disqualification order for 10 years on horses.

Tess a 10 year old bay Thoroughbred mare came to RSPCA’s attention in January 2022, during March 2022 Tess was taken to the RSPCA Animal Care Centre after her veterinary treatment and nursed back to health. She was adopted into a new loving home in August 2022.