Our Purpose – Animal Welfare

The early roles of the SPCA still hold true today – 140 years later. They make up the pillars or foundation of our RSPCA purpose – animal welfare.

Protect animals

Above all else
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Educate the community

About appropriate animal care
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For better animal welfare laws
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We, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Tasmania (RSPCA Tasmania) as it’s now known, work hard to support the State Government, Local government and other groups and organisations that are concerned about the welfare of animals across Tasmania.
We take in animals in most need. and provide them with shelter, food and, if needed, veterinary care. We also work with the carers or owners of these animals, educating them about the best way to care for their animals.

Deterring Animal Cruelty

We work with Government, other Tasmanian Animal Welfare Groups and other stakeholders to help create up-to-date and effective laws to deter animal cruelty within the State.

We’ve always been an independent, not for profit charity. We rely on donations from the public and local businesses, as well as income from any work that we carry out through our Animal Care Centre, Adoption Retail Centre or work that our Inspectorate does for the State Government, to carry out its role.  

RSPCA Purpose

Create and support meaningful connections by enhancing the lives of companion animals and the people in our community who love them.

RSPCA Vision

Our vision is to be the leading authority in animal care and protection.


Our major objectives

To prevent cruelty to animals by ensuring the enforcement of animal welfare laws.

Through advocacy, to promote the amendment or creation of new animal welfare legislation as necessary.

To develop and promote modern policies using scientific knowledge.

RSPCA Tasmania - prevention of animal cruelty - foster caring - animal adoption - volunteers - animal care centres - major objectives

To educate the community with regard to the humane caring for animals.

To engage with relevant stakeholders that enable the improvement of animal welfare.

To sustain an intelligent public opinion in regards to animal welfare.

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The Safe Beds & Centrepay Desex programs and animal surrenders are closed between 15/12/2023 until 2/01/2024.
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