Emergency planning for pets is an important part of emergency household preparations and greatly increases the likelihood of evacuating your pets to safety. There are many things pet owners can do to be prepared in the event of emergencies such as floods or bushfires.

“READY, PET, GO!”: Ensuring Safety for You and Your Pets in Emergencies


In a ground-breaking initiative, RSPCA Tasmania introduces “READY PET GO!“, a comprehensive project aimed at safeguarding both human and animal lives during emergencies.

With support from the National Partnership Agreement on Disaster Risk Reduction, and in close collaboration with SES and local government councils throughout Tasmania, this endeavour marks a significant stride towards preparedness.

Emergencies often catch us off guard, stirring panic, emotions, and a lack of preparedness. RSPCA Tasmania’s “READY PET GO!” provides an invaluable solution by offering free, accessible step-by-step guides and materials. These resources empower caregivers to prepare essential documentation, kits, supplies and plans promptly and effectively.

The ultimate goal: ensuring that sudden evacuations pose no insurmountable challenges.

This initiative centres around the understanding that unpreparedness leads to perilous situations.

The “READY PET GO!” package encompasses a complimentary DL brochure that outlines three critical facets of emergency readiness and evacuation. Moreover, a QR coded vehicle sticker is also provided free of charge, allowing users to stay informed about ongoing emergencies across the state regardless of their location or travel plans.

The “GET READY” section emphasizes the assembly of vital documents, encouraging their regular review and updating every twelve months. Additionally, the importance of storing a week’s worth of each pet’s medication for potential evacuations is highlighted – an often overlooked yet critical aspect of disaster planning.

Under “GET PET,” the project delves into crafting an actionable plan and gathering immediate supplies for each pet. Recognising the ease with which essential items can be forgotten or neglected during emergencies, RSPCA Tasmania’s guide addresses transportation containers, leads, comfort items, food, and toileting necessities. The objective is to ensure pets comfort, security, and continuity of routine during evacuation scenarios.

The DL brochure also provides vital information to ensure people feel comfortable evacuating with their pets. It guides individuals on responsible pet ownership during emergency sheltering situations, offering insights into what to do and what to expect upon arriving at emergency sheltering points – whether it’s a family member’s or friend’s home, or a formal evacuation centre. This inclusion acknowledges the often-daunting uncertainty of arriving at such facilities and provides the necessary knowledge to navigate these situations confidently.

The “GO” section equips individuals with the tools to authenticate emergencies and make informed decisions. An innovative addition is the TasAlert QR coded vehicle sticker, allowing real-time access to the TasALERT website. This feature aids in determining travel safety, identifying threats to planned safe zones, and locating the nearest evacuation centres.

The directive is clear: when it’s time to “GO’ hesitation could be life-threatening.

Preparation isn’t just a precaution; it’s a lifeline. The READY, PET, GO!” project underscores that delaying preparedness or evacuation can lead to tragic outcomes. By accessing the free DL Brochure and vehicle sticker from or any of Tasmania’s 29 councils, individuals can take substantial steps towards safeguarding their families and cherished pets.

In emergencies, informed and proactive decisions make all the difference. “READY, PET, GO!” isn’t just a project; it’s a call to action ensuring that readiness today leads to a safer tomorrow for your community, for you and for your beloved animal companions.


Stay Informed

Being aware of your situation allows you to make informed decisions about your safety and the safety of your pets and family and greatly increases the likelihood of you evacuating safely. The following links will take you to your State or Territory government emergency contacts:

Source: RSPCA Knowledge Base

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