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Significant improvements in animal welfare will only occur with a unified and strong voice – so please, show your commitment and become an RSPCA member today.

Together we can make a difference to the welfare of all animals by teaching others to treat them with sympathy, consideration, compassion and respect. The RSPCA speaks up for those who cannot speak or defend themselves. You can help that voice to be heard.

The RSPCA believes that as individuals we must all accept responsibility for animals and their welfare, and as a member of the Society you will also have the power to help end their suffering.

Our membership program supports our advocacy and awareness activities. It also means we can provide programs and services to the community, which makes a lifesaving difference to both animals and their owners.

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The Safe Beds & Centrepay Desex programs and animal surrenders are closed between 15/12/2023 until 2/01/2024.
We hope you have a safe and happy festive season.