When investigating animal welfare concerns, RSPCA Tasmania Inspectors always attempt to work with a person, to educate them on the most appropriate ways to take care of an animal. 

This works well in many cases ensuring that once the carers have the knowledge as to how best to care for their animals, that the animals and their carers will move on and have a good life together. 

However, each case is different, and the Animal Welfare Inspectors work with each case on an individual basis. 

Often the Inspectors can supply owners with food for their animals, as some people struggle to do so temporarily and need something to tide them over. 

Advice on where else to seek help, including how to surrender an animal to a welfare organisation is often given. 

It is worth noting that animals can only be seized by an Inspector where their life is in immediate danger or where pain and suffering would be prolonged if they were left in their current situation.

RSPCA Tasmania for the prevention of animal cruelty
RSPCA Tasmania for the prevention of animal cruelty

The RSPCA Veterinarians meet with clients and their animals every day and education of owners on how best to look after their animals is part and parcel of being a veterinarian.

RSPCA Tasmania - caring for animals everywhere

Our veterinary advice occurs with clients as well as with RSPCA staff and with the inspectorate.

The animal welfare system involves local and state government, nominated cat and dog management facilities, private sanctuaries and dedicated wildlife carers; a complicated conglomerate of animal welfare bodies, making it difficult to understand who best to approach with animal concerns.

RSPCA Tasmania receives dozens of telephone calls every week from people who are concerned about animals that they perceive to be vulnerable. Our dedicated staff advise each caller, on how best to progress with their concerns.

Animal Welfare (Dog Regulations) 2016
Guidance Notes for Rehoming


Animal Welfare (Dog Regulations) 2016
Guidance Notes for Tethering & Crating

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