RSPCA Greyhound Adoption Program

The RSPCA has been accredited to assess greyhounds for adoption.

Greyhounds are lovely dogs. They are quiet companions, who will happily doze away most of the day.

There is something really special about the way a relaxed greyhound will gaze into your eyes, with an excellent life expectancy of 12- 15 years, their love will linger.

Whilst greyhounds are bred for racing, they do not perform on demand and will amble along beside you.

Many of these beautiful dogs do not have the best start in life but as a well-cared for companion animal their prospects are greatly improved.

Once you have adopted a greyhound you can visit the off-leash areas designed especially for greyhounds at Heritage Park, Mowbray or Kingston View Drive, Kingston.

Find a greyhound group on Facebook to discuss your new companion animal’s needs and meet like-minded people.

RSPCA Greyhound Adoption Program

Please see RSPCA Australia’s site for helpful tips on living with a greyhound.

Application to Adopt a Greyhound

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