Andrew Robert Smith

Andrew Smith was charged with animal cruelty in November 2022. The charge concerned his dog Gemma, which was said to be malnourished and emaciated.

After over a year during which Mr Smith maintained a plea of not guilty, on 19 January 2023 when the matter was about to be heard before Magistrate Stanton, Mr Smith changed his plea to one of guilty.

Magistrate Stanton said that Gemma was in poor body condition and that the veterinary evidence was that Gemma’s condition was caused by malnutrition.

Once Gemma was seized and fed properly, her condition returned to normal within a few weeks.Magistrate Stanton noted Mr Smith’s responsibility to look after Gemma, and recorded a conviction on the animal cruelty charge, imposing a fine of $800.

He also disqualified Mr Smith from having charge of a dog for 5 years.