Last financial year was another incredibly busy one for RSPCA Tasmania. Like everyone, COVID-19 hit us for six – and there were moments where we were deeply concerned about how we would continue to serve the animals who depend on our care and protection.

However, we’ve worked hard to adapt and evolve in ways we couldn’t have imagined twelve months ago. And, despite all these challenges, we’re proud to say that we came out of this year a stronger organisation.

One of the highlights was seeing our shelter emptied, as people sought furry friends to provide companionship during pandemic restrictions.

Social isolation restrictions meant big changes for our adoption centres. We had to either move our key fundraising events into the virtual world or put them on hold.

We continue to offer services to promote better animal welfare outcomes, such as support programs for people who are struggling to pay for their cat desex surgery or microchipping. We also assisted during COVID-19 restrictions to take care of animals coming off the Spirits or where people were in quarantine and could not care for their pets.

During 2019/2020, we cared for more than 1000 animals, including cats, dogs, poultry and pocket pets like bunnies, guinea pigs, rats and mice. Our inspectors were busy too, attending to more than 2000 calls to our cruelty hotline.

Advocating for better outcomes for animals was also a strong focus, and we were vocal in making the voices of those who can’t speak for themselves heard.

We must offer a huge vote of thanks to all the people who made this possible – including the generous support of trusts and foundations, our corporate partners, the caring community, our dedicated volunteers and generous foster carers. This support, in all its forms, has helped keep our lights on, our animals cared for and fed, and our doors open.

There are many challenges ahead for the coming year – but also many opportunities. We look forward to happy and healthy outcomes for all Tasmanian creatures great and small – and for those who love and care for them.

A copy of the annual report can be accessed here:

Annual Report

Jan Davis, CEO – RSPCA Tasmania
Mobile: 0409 004 228