The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Tasmania (RSPCA) is a not-for-profit non-government organization that cares for, treats, protects, and rehomes animals across the state. We have been working to improve the lives of animals in this state since 1878. We are the only Tasmanian organisation named in animal welfare legislation and we appreciate the continued support of all levels of government.

During the past three years, we have:

  • Investigated over 25,000 reports of animal cruelty;
  • Provided care for more than 6670 animals; and
  • Delivered information to thousands of people on animal welfare, responsible animal care and pet ownership through school, community and online education.

Our role is to act as a conduit for the community’s concerns about animal welfare, to ensure those concerns are heard by our state’s decision makers.

Tasmanians have made it clear that they expect improved animal welfare outcomes to be a high priority for the state government.

On that basis, RSPCA is calling on candidates for election to show the people of Tasmania that they care for the welfare of all animals in our community.

To that end, we have prepared a list of reforms we want political candidates to commit to as part of their election promises. Some of these things are long term objectives, but others are of immediate concern.

The reforms range from stamping out puppy farming to providing RSPCA inspectors with greater regulatory powers to ensure adequate protection for animals across the state. The details are set out in the attached booklet.

Whether you want to see more animal welfare in education, new legislation to better protect pets, or want to encourage higher welfare outcomes in schools and workplaces, your say could be crucial in improving and promoting the welfare of Tasmanian animals.

Time is running out to have your voice heard ahead of the state election on 1st May. As a proud community of animal lovers, we need you to act now and make sure that improved animal welfare is on the agenda for our next state government.

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