State Election May 2021
RSPCA Election Priorities

What we need

We believe that Tasmania should have the highest standards of animal welfare in the nation. We know what the great weight of evidence tells us should be done to make this happen.

What we need are the resources and the unity of purpose across all levels of government to make this goal a reality.

So we are calling on all candidates for election to demonstrate that they are committed to delivering better lives for Tasmanian animals.

How can you help?

Your support can help us make a huge difference to all creatures great and small. We’re calling on all Tasmanians to help us realise these priorities by directly lobbying political parties and candidates to take a strong stand on animal welfare.

You can outline your biggest concerns in our email form which will be sent to candidates in your electorate – or just send it as is.

With your support, we can make the lives of animals in Tasmania better. They can’t speak for themselves – so let your voice be heard.

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