The Easter long weekend is just around the corner!

We’ve pulled together a collection of tips to help you and your family (whether they have two legs or four) have the safest and funnest break possible.

Take your dog on a new walk

When we take our dogs out for a walk, we usually have a favourite route or a path that’s familiar and easy. Over the weekend, why not head off somewhere different for a new adventure?

Venture to a park you’ve never visited or take some new twists and turns around the neighbourhood. We bet your dog is going to relish the opportunity to see some new sights and smell some new smells.

Take your dog for a new walk

Think of your pets when you go shopping

How about adding a treat for your pet on that list? That way, they can enjoy a delicious and enriching Easter feast, just like you and your human family members get to do. It will also prevent them from sitting at your feet and begging for that roast – actually, scrap that, they’ll probably still do that anyway!

Don’t leave chocolate, lollies or wrappers lying around

You’re a responsible pet owner, so you’re probably well aware of the dangers that sweets pose to our animals, but here’s a refresher anyway.

Methylxanthines, which are present in chocolate and include agents like caffeine and theobromine, are extremely toxic to dogs and cats. Ingestion of chocolate can result in vomiting, diarrhoea, hyperactivity, seizures, increased heart rate and potentially death. Xylitol, a sugar substitute found in certain lollies and other sweet goods, is another extremely dangerous ingredient to be mindful of.

In addition, hot cross buns shouldn’t be fed to your pets as they contain raisins, which are potentially harmful.

If you’re planning on doing an Easter egg hunt, try and completely separate your pet from the fun. You should also write down each place you’ve left the chocolate or lollies so there’s none forgotten and lurking around for your pet to get their paws on.

Make sure your kids are aware that they can’t give these foods to your pets too!

Million Paws Walk 2023

Sign up to Million Paws Walk: Walk This May

Sign up to be part of our Million Paws Walk and track your steps to raise money for RSPCA Tasmania.

We’re back to real-life walks this year so you can both get in much-needed exercise while logging steps for animals in need.

Get creative with DIY enrichment

For some easy bunny enrichment, you can chuck some hay and herbs into a box for your rabbit to forage and sniff around.

You can see some of the best dog DIY enrichment activities here and check out this super cute video about making your own kitten cubby.

Jan Davis, CEO – RSPCA Tasmania
Mobile: 0409 004 228