Some of the state’s biggest and most influential pet dog organisations are throwing their weight behind a new campaign to mobilise Tasmania’s quarter of a million pet lovers against greyhound racing.

They include RSPCA Tasmania, Companion Animal Network Australia, and Tasmanian Dog Walking Clubs Inc. Influential individual clubs in Greater Hobart such as the Kingborough Dog Walking Association are also on board. All the greyhound welfare groups are also mobilising.

A new petition to the Parliament was lodged on Friday calling attention to the inherent cruelty of the sport and urging Liberal and Labor politicians to end taxpayer funding of dog racing, seen by many people as cruel and unnecessary.

The petition is now available online but, from next week, armies of volunteers will be out at parks, dog beaches and cafes collecting signatures from families and animal lovers of all kinds. Small businesses all around the state are also expressing interest in placing petitions on their premises.

A spokesperson for the petition organisers said: “We’re planning a community based, grassroots campaign that will build quickly as word spreads and support grows. We know most Tasmanians love their pet dogs and they don’t see why greyhounds should be singled out for miserable, short lives for no good reason.

‘They are suddenly joining the dots between their own adored labradoodles or whatever and the docile greyhounds that they meet over a puppacino or two in the local cafe.

“When they learn that their taxpayer dollars are actually propping up the medieval spectacle of dog racing they get angry”

The campaign was inspired two weeks ago following a widely reported incident in the north of the state. A young greyhound, screaming in pain from a broken leg, was reportedly left to suffer overnight before being unnecessarily euthanised; rehoming and funding for surgery had been offered.

There were calls for the immediate suspension of the trainer involved, Tasmania’s biggest. Racing integrity officials and the RSPCA are investigating. Meanwhile, he is still presenting dogs at races despite the widespread public outrage generated by media reports.


On behalf of and with RSPCA Tasmania, Companion Animal Network Australia, Tasmanian Dog Walking Clubs Inc, Kingborough Dog Walking Association, Huon Valley Dog Walking Association, and Greyhound Rehabilitation Enthusiasts and Advocates Tasmania.

Jan Davis, CEO – RSPCA Tasmania
Mobile: 0409 004 228