On 13 January 2020 a Shorewell Park woman pleaded guilty to 3 Animal cruelty charges in the Burnie Magistrates court. The charges were an aggravated cruelty charge for one dog, an animal management charge for failing to provide parasite treatment and an animal cruelty charge for failing to feed another dog.

The matter related to the seizure of two dogs in July 2019, one dog had died of starvation. On post mortem it was found that the dog had eaten cloth, likely to relieve its’ hunger. The other dog was emaciated and riddled with fleas.

The surviving dog was taken to the vet and the RSPCA Animal Care Centre where he was nursed back to health.

The woman has animal cruelty convictions, she was placed under a 12 month Community Corrections Order, ordered to pay $130.00 costs to RSPCA and court costs. The woman has a 10 year ban on keeping any canines.

The dog has been given a second chance and has been adopted to a new loving home.