The RSPCA has announced a list of reforms it wants political candidates to commit to as part of their election promises.

RSPCA’s CEO, Jan Davis, said today that regulations governing animal protection in Tasmania had not been updated for years, opening the door to poor behaviour and even criminal activity.

“The RSPCA is the only Tasmanian organisation named in animal welfare legislation and people respect our long track record in this area, which is grounded in science and based on experience,” she said.

“Our role is to act as a conduit for the community’s concerns about animal welfare, and to ensure those concerns are heard by our state’s decision makers.”

“Regulatory reviews have either recently been completed or are currently underway in most states. Meanwhile, Tasmania is lagging behind,” Ms Davis said.

“Tasmanians want to see improvements in legislation and regulations to better protect all animals. We want to encourage higher welfare outcomes in schools and workplaces. We expect a well-funded and strong inspectorate. Our elected representatives must deliver on these expectations.”

“The increasing incidence of on-line puppy scams – where people buy puppies online that are never actually delivered – is just one area where reform is urgently needed. Other states have now taken steps to stamp out these fraudsters. Sadly, this has pushed disreputable breeders and criminals to shift their activities to Tasmania where the lack of appropriate regulation allows them to continue their despicable practices.”

The RSPCA is therefore calling on candidates for election to show the people of Tasmania that they care for the welfare of all animals in our community.

“Working together, we can make the lives of animals in Tasmania better. They can’t speak for themselves – so we must make their voices heard.”

The RSPCA’s election priorities can be found here.

Jan Davis, CEO – RSPCA Tasmania
Mobile: 0409 004 228