News today of the horrifying torture of a wallaby in Wynyard has been met with dismay and disgust by RSPCA CEO, Jan Davis.

The wallaby was found this morning suspended from a tree in a recreational reserve.

“This appalling and immoral act of animal cruelty is currently under investigation by Tasmania Police, who know that we are available to support them upon request,” Ms Davis said.

“Leaving the dead animal hanging from the tree, in plain sight, is a heinous and deliberate act designed to create community distress.”

“This is a deliberate act of animal cruelty – pure and simple – and there is no excuse for it,” she said.

“All Tasmanians will be appalled that animals continue to suffer at the hands of such irresponsible people. We hope that those and punished accordingly.”

The RSPCA says that, under the Animal Welfare Act, penalties for aggravated animal cruelty are up to five years imprisonment or a fine of up to $33,600.

Media Release contact Jan Davis, RSPCA Tasmania CEO :: 0409 004 228