We all love our pets – and having them go missing is a terrible experience – for us and for them. There is no doubt that the best way to be reunited with a wandering animal is to be able to easily identify it – and the easiest and safest way to identify a pet is to have it microchipped.

RSPCA Tasmania and West Coast Council are collaborating to deliver a low cost microchipping day at Queenstown this coming Saturday February 13th from 10am, at the Basketball Stadium on The Esplanade. 

One of RSPCA Tasmania’s volunteer vets, former CEO Dr Andrew Byrne, is donating his time to deliver this program for residents in the West Coast Council area.

Microchipping is now a legal requirement for many pets. All dogs already are required to be microchipped. With changes to the Cat Management Act imminent, all cats will be need to be mictochipped within the next twelve months. Guinea pigs, rabbits and even larger birds are increasingly being microchipped too.

Dr Byrne and council staff will be there to answer questions on the safe and humane care for companion animals. 

This is a great opportunity for pet owners to ensure peace of mind should their furry (or feathered) friend go missing. 

Jan Davis, CEO – RSPCA Tasmania
Mobile: 0409 004 228
Email: jdavis@rspcatas.org.au