The RSPCA encourages potential pet owners to find pets from reputable sources – such as the RSPCA and other well-known rescue organisations – that exist to promote animal welfare, rather than for profit. Or look for a registered breeder and ask for references from previous clients. Check out our guide to finding a good breeder:

Of course, not everyone can get out and about these days, so many people will turn to the internet, our go-to place for browsing before we shop. Our Adopt-a-Pet website ( is a safe and secure place for you to ‘meet’ your future friend online.

However, buying a pet is nothing like other online shopping – and, sadly, not everyone advertising animals on-line is as careful about their animals as we are. While the internet is a great way to research and look for your new best friend, you should absolutely avoid buying a pet without meeting them in person first.

Otherwise, you could inadvertently be supporting puppy farms or poor breeding practices – not to mention the fact that you could fall victim to a scam, leading to emotional (and financial) heartbreak.

And scammers are quick to take advantage.

So, you think you’ve been scammed?

Please report at the Consumer, Building and Occupational Services

The West Australian government have compiled a list of puppy scammers, which is nationally relevant.

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