On 24 January 2020 a Claremont woman pleaded guilty to a charge of Animal Cruelty in the Hobart Magistrates Court.

The matter related to an emaciated Border Collie which was found by an RSPCA Inspector in an emaciated condition in April. The vet reported highlighted the dogs severely emaciated state and reported that the dog would have been subjected to distress and suffering.

Look what some time, food and loving care can do.

The dog when weighed was only 12.1 kg about half of its healthy body weight. The dog was cared for by a vet nurse and was bought back to full health. In August 2019 the dog weighed a much more respectable 22.3 kg.

The woman was found guilty of failing to provide adequate nutrition for her dog.  She was required to pay $2518.90 in costs and has a five year ban on care of canines.

The dog has been rehomed and can go on to live a full life.