RSPCA welcomes suspension of state’s largest greyhound trainer.

The RSPCA has been actively campaigning for years about the need for more stringent oversight of racing in Tasmania, and specifically of improving the welfare standards in greyhound racing.

The video released this week of appalling conditions in which greyhounds are being kept at the kennels of Tasmania’s largest greyhound trainer, Anthony Bullock, reinforces the on-going concerns the RSPCA and many others have expressed.

We have been investigating this footage in conjunction with the Office of Racing Integrity and the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. We welcome the announcement from the Office of Racing Integrity that Mr Bullock’s licence has been suspended whilst their inquiry is underway.

As part of the ongoing RSPCA investigation, we will be working to ensure the welfare and safety of the greyhounds in Mr Bullock’s care.

However, we know that wherever money is involved, animals will always finish last.

Tasmania lags far behind other states in recognising that public attitudes to racing have changed. We’ve all heard for too long statements from government that they support the racing industry and recognise the importance of animal welfare. However, while everyone says animal welfare is a priority, the cupboard is bare in terms of funding to deliver better outcomes.

The Tasmanian government pours more than $32m of public money into racing every year – with little accountability and no transparency. This is simply not good enough anymore.

It is long past time for concerns expressed about animal welfare to be matched by increased public scrutiny and investment.

We will be closely monitoring the welfare of Mr Bullock’s dogs while these investigations are underway.

This is a wake-up call for all those involved in the racing. It is long past time for this industry to be made to stand on its own feet – by ending taxpayer funding for this so-called ‘sport’.

We will also continue to keep this issue in the public eye – and to hold the government to account to protect the innocent creatures who are harmed every day in this cruel industry.

Jan Davis, CEO – RSPCA Tasmania
Mobile: 0409 004 228