On 4 October 2019 in Launceston Magistrates court a Perth woman pleaded guilty to animal Cruelty charges.  She was charged with failure to provide the dog with sufficent food.  The dog was found at a property in Perth in April 2019 and taken immediately to a vet.

The dog was very weak and wobbly, her condition was so bad she had to stay at the vet for a week until she had some energy.

In a foster home, she was given the new name of  Annie and gradually put on weight.

Her owner has a criminal record, they were ordered to pay RSPCA $2429.37 in costs.  They have a 6 months Community Corrections order to be under supervision of a Community Corrections officer during that time.  They have a 35 hours Community Service order and are not to have custody of any dogs for a 3 year period.

Annie has now been adopted. She is one happy girl.