On 4 December 2019 a Devonport woman pleaded guilty to four Animal Cruelty Charges.  The charges related to two dogs seized in July 2019.  The charges were 2 counts of Animal Cruelty for failing to provide adequate nutrition and shelter for the two dogs, 1 count of management for failing to provide the animals with appropriate parasite treatments and one count of failing to comply with a legal instruction.

The dogs were emaciated and required worm and flea treatment, the vet described their behaviour as shut down.

The woman has an animal cruelty conviction, was given a court fine and a fine of $500.  She was ordered to pay $ 3,353.50 costs to RSPCA.  The two dogs were awarded into the custody of RSPCA and the woman was banned from owning dogs for five years.

The dogs regained their health and have been rehomed with people willing to give these young dogs a second chance at life.