In January this year, a Blackstone Heights woman pleaded guilty to a charge of failure provide adequate nutrition, exercise and parasite control for a dog at the Launceston Magistrates Court. The matter related to a Great Dane called Luna. Luna was rescued by RSPCA Inspectors, with the assistance of police, from a filthy and vile-smelling laundry. The floor of the laundry was completely covered and thick with dog faeces. Luna was riddled with fleas and constantly scratched. On examination by a veterinarian, it was noted that Luna ‘had a great deal of difficulty getting up from a lying or sitting position, and when she walked, it was with a very hunched back and appearing extremely knock-kneed. She appeared very weak and only appeared to walk 50 yards before having to sit down”.

After a bath and veterinary treatment, we made sure that Luna was treated to tender loving care, good nutrition, and gentle exercise. After a few months, the vet noted “she had transformed from a dog that I thought didn’t have any likelihood of a future good life to a dog who now looks as though she can now move onto a good life.”

Luna is in the care of one of our wonderful foster families, and is now living that good life.

The magistrate rejected an application by the woman to have the dog returned to her, and banned from owning more than one named dog for a two year period. She was ordered to pay just $1,000 of the almost $7,000 RSPCA has spent on her rehabilitation.

Luna before treatment

Luna after treatment