Dog and Puppy Training



Training is an important and fun part of any dog’s life. RSPCA Tasmania training provides you with the tools to help your dog thrive in the family home. Training for your dog provides mental stimulation, which, if combined with regular exercise, will keep your dog both mentally and physically satisfied.

RSPCA Tasmania promotes reward based training methods, whereby the dog is set up to succeed and then rewarded for performing the ‘good’ behaviour (positive reinforcement). Positive reinforcement training is enjoyable for your dog and serves to strengthen the relationship between you and your dog, fostering trust and co-operation.

RSPCA Tasmania uses scientifically proven training methods, offering a variety of force free and fun programs. All programs are designed to enhance the understanding and bond between owner and their dog. Giving you the knowledge and tools you require to manage your pet dog and teach them what is expected of them in any situation. RSPCA Tasmania specialise in pet dog training and teach basic manners and behavioural management techniques, setting you and your dog up for success that will last a lifetime.

RSPCA Tasmania offers a variety of training and behavioural consultation opportunities. Puppy and dog training classes are run in Devonport. All training classes have a maximum of six dogs or pups ensuring you have plenty of individual attention.



Puppy Pre School

This course offers puppies the best start in life. The course consists of one dog free lesson and three practical lesson, covering basic training and socialization. This course covers training tips on things such as toilet training, mouthing and appropriate play. Pups must be between 8 and 14 weeks at the start of the program and have received at least their first vaccination.

Puppy Pre School - One dog free and three practical lessons. $100.00 Price includes a clicker and a treat pouch.


Senior Puppy Training

The program may be a continuation of puppy pre school or the first class for the pup. The program covers manners and basic training. Teaching your pup how they should behave at home but also in the wide world outside of the home. It allows owners to manage basic behavioural issues with their pup. Pups should be between 13 weeks and 6 months of age.

Senior Puppy - One dog free and five practical lessons. Price includes clicker and treat pouch.




Adult Beginners Training

This program is for dogs over 6 months of age who require a foundation or a brush up on their basic manners. Owners training their dogs for good behaviour.

Adult Beginners Class - One dog free and five practical lessons. Price includes treat pouch and clicker.


In Home Training or one on one training

Private lessons for you and your dog in your own home. This professional and personalised training is designed to help you with general training, help you address simple behavioural problems and has the advantage of being tailor made for you and your dog. Cost is $50 per hour plus kilometres travelled, price includes a clicker and a treat pouch. Training can be conducted at the RSPCA Tasmania Devonport Centre.



Private Behavioural Consultations

Professional Behavioural Trainers will assist owners in addressing unwanted behaviours in your dog. The consultations include an extensive questionnaire and interview in your home, after which an individualised program, with easy to follow guidelines for you and your family, is complied. This service offers you the ability to follow up with the behavioural trainer and allows for modification of the program as your dog progresses.

Price on application.

With any behavioural modification for training plan it is important to remember the outcome is dependent on the compliance of the owner and there is never a 100% guarantee of success. Where an integrated behaviour modification program is required, the behavioural trainer will refer you to a qualified veterinary behaviourist.


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Class sizes are small, with a maximum of six dogs to one instructor. The small class size ensures that you receive individual attention and allows programs to be tailored to the participants. Bookings are essential.


Devonport Show Grounds

Private Consultations at RSPCA Tasmania or in your own home.

Contact RSPCA Tasmania for further information on course start dates and times.
Telephone : (03) 6427 2566

Course fees are payable at the time of booking.