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Who we are:

RSPCA (The Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Tasmania is a community based not for profit charity working to prevent cruelty to all animals. We promote their care and protection and are the voice of Tasmanian animals.


Our vision is a Tasmania where all animals are treated with respect and kindness.



Why Support Us:

RSPCA Tasmania is a non-for profit charity. The only funding, we receive from state government is to part-fund our inspectorate work.

Over 85% of our budget comes from other sources and much of that is from the generous support of the Tasmania community.


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What is Workplace Giving?

Work place giving is simple, low cost and tax effective way for you to reduce your taxable income and assist RSPCA Tasmania to change the lives of animals in need. By making a regular

Pre-Tax donation through your employer’s payroll system, you receive the tax benefit and RSPCA Tasmania benefits from regular donations. Your Workplace Giving contribution results in regular, reliable financial support that makes a very real and lasting impact.

As a committed source of funding, your donations enable us to plan ahead, continue our fight against animal cruelty and ultimately rehome as many animals as possible.


How does Workplace Giving Work?

Donations are made automatically from your pre-tax pay, meaning that your tax deduction is immediate and guaranteed – no need to hold onto receipts until the end of the financial year.

The donation is paid directly by your employer to RSPCA Tasmania.

When your employer calculates the amount to be withheld from your salary each pay period, the donation amount to RSPCA Tasmania will be deducted from your gross salary before referring to the appropriate tax table.

A $20 pre-tax donation costs you only $13.70 after automatic tax deduction, but RSPCA TAS receives the full $20.00 (assuming a marginal tax rate of 32.5%).

How does Workplace Giving benefit you?

You receive the tax benefit of your donation within each pay period.

    • Affordable giving, through a transparent and trustworthy program.
    • Your donation is invested in a locally run charity that has benefits to you, your family and the community where you live and work.
    • There are no direct debits to set up or cheques to organise and send.

You do not need to save or request receipts to substantiate donations deductions arranged through Workplace Giving programs if:

    • The total donation amount included employer’s payment summary, or
    • You have a record from your employer outlining the total donation amount for the income year.

Workplace Giving Partners:

Every minute of everyday, animals are neglected, abandoned, injured and treated cruelly. Through a workplace giving program, RSPCA Tasmania and your organisation can work together to make a difference to the lives of Tasmanian animals.   




Helpful Resources:

RSPCA Tasmania has created some helpful Resources that you can download and use in your workplace to promote workplace giving.


More information:

For more information on the RSPCA Tasmania's workplace giving program please contact :

Karl French on 03 6332 8215 or by email :


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