RSPCA Tasmania’s Inspectors protect by investigating cruelty reports

Our Inspectors are Authorised Officers under the Animal Welfare Act 1993 and the Cat Management Act 2009.

The Animal Welfare Act 1993 has provision for the development of guidelines, which are used for education and regulations which are standards for animal welfare, such as the Animal Welfare (Dog) Regulations 2016.

The role of the Inspectors is two-fold, to respond to an average 2000 cruelty reports each year. Every report to our cruelty hotline is investigated.

The outcome of these investigations is varied and includes, no action being required, the provision of advice, issuing of legal instructions, an on the spot fine in the form of an infridgment notice, or charges being laid and a summons to appear in Court.

The Second role of our Inspectors is to  conduct random inspections of premises or locations where companion animals are kept for commercial purposes, for example, pet shops, breeders, animal shelters and boarding kennels.

An authorised Officer including our inspectors are required to  work within the boundaries of the legislation under which they are authorised.

The powers of Officers include entry and search of premises where an officer has reasonable belief that an offence has, is or will be committed against an animal.

Officers can only legally remove an animal from a premise via a legal seizure. The seizure of animal occurs where the officer considers that the animal’s life is in danger or any pain and suffering will be unreasonable prolonged. On a guilty conviction RSPCA can apply to the court for ownership of an animal. Inspectors will always attempt to work in conjunction with owners of animals to improve the animal’s welfare conditions, utilising prosecution as a last resort.

All reports to our Animal Cruelty Hotline are confidential. The images shown throughout our court results page show the effectiveness of our inspectorate, and how donations to RPSCA Tasmania can help our team continue their important work protecting Tasmanian animals.

Please report suspected animal cruelty

Animals through the administration of Tasmania’s Animal Welfare Legislation and if necessary the laying of animal cruelty charges.

People about the care of animals.

For more effective laws, through the media, animal welfare committees and the directly lobbying politicians.

All Inspectors have obtained a minimum of a Cert IV in Government (Investigation)
The RSPCA Tasmanian Inspectorate is committed to ensuring good animal welfare throughout Tasmania, as it has done since 1878.

Our Team

The Tasmanian Inspectorate has six dedicated staff, in the following locations


2 Inspectors


2 Inspectors


1 Inspector &

Prosecutions Manager

The State-Wide Prosecutor

Represents the Inspectorate in Court when people suspected of breaching the legislation are summoned.

The team has a variety of backgrounds and experiences including,

  • Working as Inspectors at RSPCA member societies in other states or countries

  • Vet nursing

  • Lawyer

  • Wildlife

  • Enforcement and compliance work

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