Can you help?

We appreciate the support of our local community – without it we could not continue to offer our services. Below is a list of items that we need all the time.

Please also note we are well supplied with pet food by our sponsors, Hill’s Science Diet, though we do always accept donations of other foods.

Thanks so much for your help!

  • CAT LITTER – We use it and dispose of some every single day.
  • LAUNDRY POWDER – Several loads of washing every day of the year.
  • TREATS – Good quality treats to be used when training our dogs (eg Schmackos, dried liver, etc). Please think quality over quantity. Many ‘economy’ brands are highly coloured and will give our dogs upset tummies.
  • KONG TOY STUFFERS – e.g. Kong paste, honey, vegemite, peanut butter.
  • WASHABLE TOYS – Small washable toys for kittens (e.g. ping pong balls).
  • ENRICHMENT TOYS – Good quality enrichment toys for dogs and puppies (e.g. the type to put food treats in, such as Kong etc. will keep the dog thinking and prevent boredom).
  • Acrylic or polar fleece blankets
  • TOWELS – Even your thread-bare ones can be cut into cleaning rags.
  • Rabbit & Guinea Pig food/bedding
  • Collars, leads
  • Postage stamps, white photocopy paper
  • Paper towelling, toilet paper

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