Animal Info

While Australian society has seen many changes in recent years, the value Australians place on their relationships with their pets remains constant. Pets are part of the family in 63% of Australian households, providing benefits to their owners and the communities they are part of.

For decades, RSPCA TAS has offered sanctuary to animals in need, provided veterinary care to the sick and injured, and investigated cruelty complaints. In that time hundreds of thousands of animals, and their owners, have benefited from our commitment to the prevention of animal cruelty.

At RSPCA TAS, we are too often reminded of the brutality and injustice perpetrated against animals. Our Shelter Staff and Inspectors are the frontline defence against animal cruelty.

Every year, RSPCA TAS Staff and Volunteers go above and beyond to care for animals in need. From mice to ferrets, to cats and dogs, horses and cattle, emus and kookaburras - RSPCA TAS will always be there. Because we care for all creatures great and small.

The RSPCA works with the farming industry’s peak bodies to ensure animal welfare throughout the whole farming process.

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Birds provide enjoyment and companionship to many people. People, therefore, have a duty of care so birds live a fulfilled life that is free from stress and disease.

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Reptiles can make wonderful pets, but the illegal trade of our native wildlife can compromise their welfare . Find out what RSPCA Tas does to help reptiles and how you can get involved.

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Cats and humans have been together for a long time, but as a community we still struggle with two main issues: desexing and containment.

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Their size may be small but their capacity for love is huge. Find out what RSPCA NSW does to help pocket pets and how you can get involved.

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Pocket Pets

Thousands of dogs come into our shelters each year. Find out what RSPCA TAS does to help dogs and how you can get involved.

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How you can help

Are you ready to welcome an animal into your home? Search the Adoptapet database for animals currently available for adoption at your local Animal Care Centre.

Every purchase from the World For Pets online shop through this link raises funds for RSPCA Tasmania. All products are RSPCA approved.

Every donation great or small helps RSPCA Tasmania continue to help thousands of animals in need every year.