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Many of the calls to the RSPCA Animal Cruelty Hotline relate to community members from the most disadvantaged suburbs.

RSPCA Inspectors have detailed a Postcode Report illustrating this.

Some of the complaints relate to those responsible losing control of their dog’s health, once they start having unwanted litters.

Others to the age and condition of pups being given away.

Dogs are not being desexed, as vet fees are considered to be out of financial reach and not having that first interaction with a vet, dogs are also not being vaccinated, microchipped or heath checked.


To resolve this problem, we have developed the RSPCA/Mary Kibble Dog Desexing Program.

We propose a program which will have a fourfold positive effect.

The program will begin a vet journey for those who do not currently have the means to desex, vaccinate and microchip their dogs, producing a healthier dog population. Whilst we propose funding includes desexing surgeries and microchipping, we are of the view that vaccinations need to be scheduled between the vet and the owner of the dog. If we include vaccinations the ongoing management of the client would render an unacceptable impost on the fund. The RSPCA seeks only to recover the admin costs required to implement the scheme.

Make desexing dogs affordable to those people who in the past, have avoided their responsibilities.

Fewer unwanted dogs shared in the community leading to fewer contraventions of the 2016 Dog Regulations.

Fewer neighbour disputes regarding the health and wellbeing of dogs in our communities.

This program is only available to holders of health care, pension and student cards.

What you need to do

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  • Choose a vet from list of participating clinics.
  • Make an appointment.
  • Let the clinic know you will be using the RSPCA/Mary Kibble Dog Desex Scheme.


  • Fill out the online form.


  • Attach copies of IDs (healthcare, pension or student card and photo ID) to the online form or send by email to


  • The applicant needs to make their co-payment of $110 to RSPCA Tasmania online or over the phone.
View Participating Vet List
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What we will do

Confirm your successful application.

Provide you with an RSPCA desexing voucher to give to your vet.

Email your vet clinic to confirm your eligibility.

Pay your vet bill for you.

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