Jack's Gift - A campaign for older dogs

Jack was a very special little dog, who aged 16, found himself at an RSPCA Animal Care Centre.

He was quite unwell, suffering from a flea allergy, heart murmur and bad teeth. And he was nearly blind and deaf.

Luckily for Jack he got a second chance and found a loving home for the remainder of his life.

When Jack passed away his owner wanted to create something special to remember their old friend.

So with an initial and amazingly generous donation of $10,000, Jack’s Gift was created – a perpetual program to assist older animals in RSPCA care. Older animals make wonderful, loyal companions however, it’s harder to find homes for them, and they generally need a greater level of veterinary care.

RSPCA Tasmania is now seeking financial assistance from the community to add to the Jack’s Gift fund to help us better support the older animals in our care.

Jack’s Gift is an outstanding way to honour the memory of a special dog and help RSPCA Tasmania help more older animals into the future.

If you can assist us in giving a second chance to older animals in our care and help them to lead longer and happier lives please donate to Jack’s Gift at any RSPCA Animal Care Centre or donate here http://www.rspcatas.org.au/donate-to-rspca


The Jack's Gift campaign was launched in Hobart on Monday 19 October at the Hobart Animal Care Centre. Jack's owner and the lady who suggested the Jack's Gift campaign, Alison Ball brought along her current furry friends, old dogs Poppy and Sox.


You can read the official launch Media Release here.

You can also download the official Jack's Gift poster here for printing and display in your home or workplace.

To visit the Jack's Gift Facebook Page click here.