Spare a thought for the horses that are not running in the cup

Spare a thought for the horses that are not running in the cup

The celebration of the horse reaches fever pitch tomorrow and RSPCA Tasmania has reminded the community that it has many horses in its care that also need your love and attention.

We have 23 Horses and Ponies in our care (available for adoption and going through the courts) and when we see the extravagances of the racing carnival period - it just seems wrong,” RSPCA Tasmania CEO Peter West said today. 

Also RSPCA Tasmania inspectors investigated cruelty complaints relating to 495 horses Last year, sadly this huge number was a normal year (it was a particularly bad year the year before with 944 complaints about horses investigated)

A classic example of how the RSPCA makes a difference in Tasmania is a case from earlier this year where a horse trainer (Keith Toulmin) from northern Tasmania was convicted for:

    • Cruelty to Animals (failing to feed / parasite treatment) – Section 8 of the AWA
    • Aggravate Cruelty to an Animal – Section 9 of the AWA
    • Failing to comply with an Instruction Notice – Section 14 of the AWA

The horses in his care were seized and looked after until the matter was finalised in the courts.

Some of the horses were reclaimed by their owners and we have found new homes for most of the other horses; however there are still some of these horses at the Hobart Animal Care Centre ready for a new life.

One of those horses is Thabela Brioso, or 'Bella' as she is known around the Hobart Centre - a lovely looking mare with a beautiful presence.


She is approximately 15.3hh, 13 years old and has had two foals in the past. She is exceptionally well behaved, has good ground manners and is a dream to handle if she is in regular work. She is a very laid back mare, a typical Standardbred trait. She would be easy enough to teach to be ridden as she is well used to having gear on, and easily takes the bit and bridle. Bella had a pretty successful harness racing career - including winning the 2008 Tasmanian 3yo Filly Championship - winning $13,000 in prize money (2w + 2p from 42 starts) before her troubles started.

If you want to bet - you can bet on the fact that RSPCA Tasmania will be fighting for better animal outcomes every day of the year.” Mr West concluded.

RSPCA Australia’s campaign to ban whips in horse racing… ‘Don’t party for animal cruelty – instead, demand a move to whip-free racing

What we don’t like, is watching beautiful horses being hit with whips.

Independent research commissioned by RSPCA Australia confirms around 3 in every 4 Australians (74%) think horses should NOT be hit with a whip.

And 9 out of 10 people who watch or bet on racing will continue to do so if whipping is stopped. Research also found 98% of horses are being whipped without it influencing the race outcome.

Without whips, horses will still win races.

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