Bloody minded Art - on the nose!

Bloody minded Art - on the nose!

Hermann Nitsch: 150. Action

RSPCA Tasmania’s vision is for a Tasmania where all animals are treated with respect and kindness; this artwork, as part of the Dark MOFO festival, quite clearly shows no respect to this animal.

Our understanding is that the need for the ‘blood and guts’ is to get across an important artistic message - but this message has completely been lost in the bloody mindedness of the artist and the organisers. Our read on this artistic message is that it relates to the artist’s own experience with his home country washing their hands of the blood of World War Two – and has morphed into a commentary about all super powers and their collective washing of blood off their hands.

No animal deserves to die for the sake of art and definitely no animal deserves to be disrespected in such a public and shallow way.

We do not support this artwork and call on MONA founder David Walsh to intervene and cancel the performance or at the very least ask the artist to modify the performance to show restraint and respect the animals involved.

RSPCA Tasmania CEO Peter West said that while he understood the need for some art to push the boundaries of comfort - for most people this artwork is just wrong.

We live in a world now where this sort of art - that defiles an animal just for the sake of art - is unnecessary.

There are so many ways for artists to get their messages out to a willing and listening audience - and no animal needs to be disrespected in this way” Mr West said.

RSPCA Tasmania is willing to work with the artist and organisers to better get the artistic message out to a wider audience - without the need for any animals to be desecrated in such a manor.