RSPCA Tasmania looks for Community assistance to identify perpetrators

Milly survives horrific cruelty

RSPCA Tasmania is seeking public assistance in identifying the perpetrators of an horrific act of cruelty on a pregnant cat.

Milly was surrendered to RSPCA Tasmania in late October having had three kittens only an hour before she arrived at our Mornington Animal Care Centre with burns to the back of her head and neck.

The person who surrendered Milly said that a week earlier Milly had petrol poured on her and was set alight.

RSPCA Chief Vet Andrew Byrne says Milly is healing well and is a great mum to her kittens.

We were initially concerned by the nature of the wound and thought that she might lose her ear, however it has healed well and Milly should make a full recovery, with her ear intact.

RSPCA Tasmania Inspectors are looking into allegations that other domestic animals in the Bridgewater have also been cruelly treated.

RSPCA Tasmania Inspector Ashlie Burnett with Milly

RSPCA Tasmania Inspector Ashlie Burnett with Milly

Inspector Ashlie Burnett says they have been in contact with Tasmania Police and are investigating whether this may not be an isolated incident.

Anecdotally we are hearing that pet owners in the area are ensuring their pets are indoors of a night. This is a wise thing to do given this situation,” Ms Burnett said.

RSPCA Tasmania CEO, Peter West said he was appalled that this sort of thing was happening in 2016.

He said his biggest concern is that children or young people might be the perpetrators of this cruelty.

Studies have shown that cruelty to animals in childhood can lead to antisocial behaviour later in life,” he said.

RSPCA’s vision is for a Tasmania where all animals are treated with respect and kindness, and we hope the community can help us investigate this case and get help for the people who are doing this to our vulnerable pets.

We urge anybody with any information to call our 24/7 Animal Cruelty Hotline on 1300 139 947 or go to our website and fill out a complaint form. We follow up 100% of complaints and all calls are treated confidentially.

If there is any good to come out of this it’s that Milly has had three healthy kittens – Mika, Milan and Marlon- and has a chance at a wonderful new life,” Mr West said.