Extreme Weather Conditions

Extreme Weather Conditions

The extreme weather conditions around the state are presenting major challenges for everyone.

RSPCA Tasmania urges all animal owners to ensure the safety of themselves and of their animals.

We are aware of a few locations that, due to flooding and owners not being able to get to them in time, livestock are in difficulty” RSPCA Tasmania CEO Peter West said today.

All our Centres and our animal cruelty hotline are getting calls from concerned community members asking us to take action and help animals already in flood affected areas.

RSPCA Tasmania acknowledges that if animals have already entered swollen rivers due to flooding then it is most likely that nothing can be undertaken safely to help them.

SES and Tasmania Police are the best first responders in these instances – our staff and volunteers are aware of the situation and each of our Animal Care Centres stand ready to assist any lost or displaced animals.”

RSPCA Tasmania urges all Tasmanians to consider their own safety first and to leave anything dangerous to those that are trained to deal with it such as the SES or Police.

RSPCA Tasmania hopes that the community, including their animals, pulls through this extraordinary weather safely.