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Published: 21 October 2017

RSPCA Tasmania AGM Outlines Mixed Results

RSPCA Tasmania held their Annual General Meeting in Campbell Town today.

The Tasmanian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals started in Tasmania in 1878 and has always led the way in animal welfare discussions and been the voice for animals in need.
RSPCA Tasmania President Alexandra Garrott outlined the results for the last financial year and reiterated the Boards focus on ensuring sustainability of the organisation for the next 140 years.

Change is never easy, and throughout this year we have had to make some tough decisions around how we achieve sustainability and to focus on the core elements of our organisation.

The challenge is not a new one for established not-for-profit organisations in a world where there seemingly are new charity organisations starting up every week. The review and planning process, led by the board and supported by staff, has shown that doing nothing is not an option.

With the support of RSPCA Australia the sustainability project provided a number of recommendations that are being implemented. We look forward to reporting a positive change in the next annual report,” RSPCA Tasmania President Alexandra Garrott said at the meeting.

Key results from the meeting were;

    • An animal live release rate (reclaimed and rehomed) this year of 77% (not that long ago this figure was 58%)
    • Almost 9,000 animals across Tasmania were helped by our team (4,573 animals via our Animal Care Centres and 4,271 animals investigated by our Inspectors)
    • Almost 2,200 calls were made to our 24/7 Animal Cruelty Hotline throughout the year, broken down into 3,479 individual complaints about 4,271 animals
    • The volunteer team and network of Foster Carers have provided many valuable hours of service which equated to around 25% of our business as usual hours
    • The financial report looked at the first 14 months of our organisation trading as a Company Limited by Guarantee. The previous report (10 months) identified a $25,000 surplus - and this report (14 months) a $780,000 deficit.

RSPCA Tasmania CEO Peter West reiterated that, although the fiscal results were quite concerning, the organisation’s focus remains simple - helping animals (and people) in MOST need across Tasmania.

While there has been some changes to the way we operate, and there may well be more changes to come, we absolutely remain committed to;

    • Caring for vulnerable animals
    • Upholding Animal welfare laws though our state-wide Inspectorate team
    • Lobbying Government for improved animal welfare legislation and support
    • Educating the community to achieve better results for all animals
    • Collaborating with other groups to ensure the best outcomes possible
    • Delivering a sustainable business model

I congratulate all RSPCA Tasmania staff and volunteers for helping to make the lives of animals better. It is a challenging time for all, and we continue to keep our focus on achieving the best possible results for all animals throughout Tasmania,” Mr West added.

 RSPCA Tasmania Annual Report 2016-17

Published: 16 August 2017

2017 Election of Directors

RSPCA Tasmania hereby calls for nominations for election of Directors to be held at the 2017 AGM. Valid nominations need to be received, no later than midday 5 September 2017 addressed to :

Mr Peter West
CEO RSPCA Tasmania,
553 Pass Road,
Mornington. TAS 7018

Nomination form available here.

Published: 16 June 2017

RSPCA Tasmania Inspectors rescue 24 cats locked in a car in the south of Tasmania

RSPCA Tasmania Inspectors recently rescued 24 cats from a car in Tasmania’s South earlier this week after a call to the animal Cruelty Hotline by a concerned local resident.

The operation was carried out with the assistance of Tasmania Police.

Enquiries continue and are being carried out by RSPCA Tasmania Inspectors.

The cats are currently being assessed and treated at a local veterinarian clinic.

The cats are generally emaciated and some have other conditions that will need addressing over coming days and all are under veterinarian care at this time.

RSPCA Tasmania Chief Inspector Ray Kroeze warned of leaving animals confined in small spaces and in vehicles for extended periods of time.

Never leave animals alone for extended periods of time without proper planning for their care and attention,” Mr Kroeze said.

To not do this can lead to severe discomfort, dehydration, and even death!” Mr Kroeze added. 

RSPCA Tasmania urges anyone with concerns about the welfare of animals to make a confidential report to the Animal Cruelty Hotline on 1300 139 947 or at

Published: 08 June 2017

RSPCA Tasmania announces changes designed to ensure strong and viable future

RSPCA Tasmania has announced some important changes to ensure it can continue to provide the best possible animal welfare and advocacy services.

Chief Executive Officer, Peter West said these changes will see some animal welfare services delivered differently, while still ensuring the highest possible standards of care.

By making these changes, RSPCA Tasmania can continue to make animal welfare and advocacy its highest priority and do so in a financially sustainable manner,” Mr West said.

Importantly our Inspectorate Services will continue at the same level, focussing on domestic and companion animals.”

Our Hobart facility will become an animal health and wellbeing centre catering for new veterinary clinic clients and will aim to increase emergency and urgent care for animals of people in need (like boarding support for victims of domestic violence, hospital or prison stays). The Centre will continue to care for seized Inspectorate animals (including livestock / large animals) and also focus on great animal boarding opportunities.

Devonport Animal Care Centre will reprioritise rehoming to compliment other facilities in the region. The Centre will continue to care for seized Inspectorate animals (including livestock / large animals), provide important emergency care for animals of people in need (like boarding support for victims of domestic violence, hospital or prison stays) and will be expanding onsite boarding options.

Launceston Animal Care Centre will become our primary centre for rehoming dogs, cats and smaller domestic animals for the state. The Centre will continue to care for small animals seized by the Inspectorate, as well as provide emergency care for animals of people in need (like boarding support for victims of domestic violence, hospital or prison stays). There will also be an upgrade to our facilities for boarding and day care.

All Centres will close to the public on Sundays and public holidays (except for special promotions and for organised appointments).

Mr West said the move, that will take effect from 1 July 2017, would also see the organisation working more closely with 10 Lives Cat Centre and the Dogs' Home of Tasmania.

RSPCA Tasmania will continue find homes for animals, these changes will now mean in some situations we will be working in close partnership with other specialist animal care organisations to get the best results for that region, this may see some dogs and cats rehomed out of the 10 lives Cat Centre or Dogs' Homes of Tasmania,” Mr West said.

Working collaboratively and focussing on the best possible rehoming outcomes is a far more effective approach over the long term in our state,” he said.

It is likely there will be staffing changes as we look to implement these new processes with some staff rostered hours possibly being reduced.

RSPCA Tasmania will remain the primary voice of Animal Welfare in Tasmania and will be looking to increase its community engagement and education role across the state.

This is a necessary reset of our activities to better be what our members and general public want us to be,” Mr West said.

RSPCA Tasmania’s VISION remains the same – and that is for a Tasmania where all animals are treated with respect and kindness.

RSPCA Tasmania’s day to day Mission also is unchanged and that is - Helping Animals; Enlightening People; Changing Lives.

The full media rease can be downloaded : here

Published: 15 March 2017

It’s St Catrick’s Day – to be sure, to be sure…

RSPCA Tasmania’s Animal Care Centres around the state are celebrating St Catrick’s Day this weekend with special adoption prices on cats and kittens this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

What’s more, each adopted cat or kitten will go home with a special “pot of gold” free gift pack that includes; Hills Science Diet cat/kitten food, a litter tray and scoop, and a cat carrier.

At the RSPCAs three Animal Care Centres at Hobart, Launceston and Devonport, there are more than 120 cats and kittens available for adoption. All are vet-checked, microchipped, vaccinated and desexed before leaving for their new forever homes.


RSPCA CEO Peter West says that he would love to clear the Centres of all available cats and kittens.

We adore all our Animal Care Centre residents, but there’s absolutely no doubt that home environments are the best places for these cats and kittens.

If we can clear the centres we will make way for the cats and kittens that are out in foster care and that will continue to arrive due to a mild autumn,” Mr West said.

To view all the cats and kittens available, visit or visit your nearest RSPCA Animal Care Centre. All centres will open 10am to 4pm this Friday to Sunday for this promotion.

Published: 17 October 2017

RSPCA and Bendigo Bank have $3 million reasons to celebrate

RSPCA and Bendigo Bank are this week celebrating the milestone of $3 million in support of the Adoptapet program – all thanks to Bendigo Bank customers.

Adoptapet is a national website that allows prospective pet owners to view animals waiting for adoption at RSPCA locations across Australia from the comfort and convenience of their own home, workplace or mobile phone.

The Adoptapet program is supported in part by Bendigo Bank’s RSPCA Rescue credit card product suite. By signing up for and shopping with one of the RSPCA card products, Bendigo Bank customers are actively helping orphaned animals find new forever homes.

Customers have helped raise more than $3 million, resulting in a second chance for more than 488,000 animals nationally.

RSPCA Australia CEO Heather Neil said the Adoptapet program is well supported across Australia.

The ongoing support of Bendigo Bank and its generous customers has helped the RSPCA’s Adoptapet program find homes for almost half a million animals since it first launched in 2005,” Ms Neil said.

A partnership of this length and magnitude is vital for the RSPCA and helps ensure we can continue our work in the community helping all creatures great and small.

Bendigo Bank’s Executive Engagement Innovation, Robert Musgrove echoed Ms Neil’s sentiments.

As a Bank, we believe that partnering with likeminded organisations that make a difference to the community is fundamental to our purpose,” Mr Musgrove said.

It’s partnerships like this one with the RSPCA that have helped us become recognised on a global stage - this year named the top Australian company in the FORTUNE Annual “Change the World” list of Companies that are Doing Well by Doing Good. “We are so pleased to celebrate this $3 million milestone with RSPCA. Not-for-profit organisations make an important difference in our community; and we applaud the commitment of the RSPCA who work to prevent cruelty to all animals - great and small.” Mr Musgrove added.



Meet Dallas, a 10 year old horse who was recently seized. Covered in lice and suffering greatly due to internal parasites, things looked really grim for Dallas. This beautiful horse was far too skinny and had lost a lot of hair due to his ailments. Dallas was adopted to a wonderful new home, just like thousands of fortunate animals every year in Tasmania thanks in part to the support from Bendigo Bank and it customers.

Published: 29 June 2017

RSPCA Tasmania welcomes “mixed bag” Cat Management Plan

The new Cat Management Plan released today by the state government – featuring some much-needed reforms and missing some opportunities – is a step in the right direction, says RSPCA Tasmania CEO Peter West.

RSPCA Tasmania welcomes a number of constructive changes that will positively impact the wider community, primary producers, save more wildlife, and provide a greater focus on tackling feral cats in this state,” Mr West says.

RSPCA supports the decision to actively manage feral cat issues under the auspices of a newly proposed Tasmanian Biosecurity Act.

However, any control measures must be humane and also integrated with initiatives to maximize the protection of vulnerable birds and animals.

Mr West says RSPCA Tasmania also appreciates that the new Cat Management Act has stronger penalties for cat owners who fail to de-sex or microchip their cats.

We will continue to encourage the creation and promotion of subsidy programs that could greatly increase opportunities for owners to be responsible, safeguard the welfare of their cat, and avoid these penalties.

However, Mr West says it’s an opportunity missed in not doing more with Tasmania’s 29 municipal councils to introduce programs to implement cat registrations and confinement.

RSPCA Tasmania recognises that the new plan incorporates many of the recommendations from the Cat Management Reference Group, which included representatives from key stakeholders including RSPCA Tasmania, TFGA, LGAT, cat breeders and welfare organisations, and the AVA. The reference group recommended that the new plan needed to be a mix of action, education and more research.

RSPCA Tasmania is looking forward to seeing things progress quite quickly now that the plan is in place,” Mr West says.

We have waited a long time to see meaningful movement in this area and we hope that the Government ensures that the new strategy is rolled out in a timely manner.

As the state with highest per capita pet ownership in Australia it is fitting that we should have a strong plan to tackle the ongoing challenges of both feral and domestic cats including owned and unowned.

As this issue is also a national one RSPCA Australia is inviting comment on an important national Cat Management discussion paper released last week to increase collaboration across the whole of Australia and implement more consistent evidence-based approaches to improving the welfare and management of cats, while minimising adverse impacts.

Published: 14 June 2017

Bloody minded Art - on the nose!

Hermann Nitsch: 150. Action

RSPCA Tasmania’s vision is for a Tasmania where all animals are treated with respect and kindness; this artwork, as part of the Dark MOFO festival, quite clearly shows no respect to this animal.

Our understanding is that the need for the ‘blood and guts’ is to get across an important artistic message - but this message has completely been lost in the bloody mindedness of the artist and the organisers. Our read on this artistic message is that it relates to the artist’s own experience with his home country washing their hands of the blood of World War Two – and has morphed into a commentary about all super powers and their collective washing of blood off their hands.

No animal deserves to die for the sake of art and definitely no animal deserves to be disrespected in such a public and shallow way.

We do not support this artwork and call on MONA founder David Walsh to intervene and cancel the performance or at the very least ask the artist to modify the performance to show restraint and respect the animals involved.

RSPCA Tasmania CEO Peter West said that while he understood the need for some art to push the boundaries of comfort - for most people this artwork is just wrong.

We live in a world now where this sort of art - that defiles an animal just for the sake of art - is unnecessary.

There are so many ways for artists to get their messages out to a willing and listening audience - and no animal needs to be disrespected in this way” Mr West said.

RSPCA Tasmania is willing to work with the artist and organisers to better get the artistic message out to a wider audience - without the need for any animals to be desecrated in such a manor.

Published: 21 April 2017

New Challenge for Million Paws Walk

RSPCA Tasmania has issued a challenge to the dog owners of the state to walk a million paws with their pets in just one month in the lead up to this year’s 22nd annual Million Paws Walk held nationally on Sunday 21st May 2017.

The new Million Paws Walk Challenge launched yesterday allows participants to set their own fitness and fundraising goals over the next four weeks and is ideal for those who wish to fundraise for RSPCA Tasmania but are possibly unable to participate in the official walks on 21st May.

RSPCA Tasmania CEO Peter West says the Challenge is a novel way to introduce a slightly competitive element to this popular annual event and is a wonderful way for people who can’t attend the physical walks on the day to get involved.

CEO Peter West

He says RSPCA Tasmania hopes to attract a record number of walkers around the state to the six Million Paws Walks at Stanley, Ulverstone, Launceston, St Helens, Hobart and Huonville.

"With the weather hopefully on our side this year, our Million Paws Walks look set to be the biggest yet in Tassie. With luck we will see around 3,500 people and 14,000 paws pounding the pavements around the state,” Mr West said.

An army of more than 100 volunteers will help run the State-wide events.

Million Paws Walk is the Tasmanian animal charity’s biggest annual fundraising event, raising funds critical to the continued operation of their three animal care centres, community engagement activities, advocacy work and the vital Animal Inspectorate Team that deal with around 3,000 call to the Animal Cruelty Hotline each year.

"We are calling on the community to join us in celebrating the health benefits of having a dog by taking the challenge or registering for the walks either online or on the day,” Mr West said.

Southern dog owners considering participation in a Million Paws Walk on Sunday 21st May will again be spoiled for choice, with events in Hobart and Huonville.

The Hobart event will again have a seaside flavour, being held at the Long Beach Reserve in Lower Sandy Bay. This venue was very popular with Million Paws Walk participants for the past two years, and will again feature two official walks with beach components, the popular family-friendly Green adjacent to the playground and beaches.

The third Huonville Million Paws Walk is again a collaboration between RSPCA Tasmania and Huon Valley Council and features two walks from event HQ at the Huonville Oval. This event is expected to attract large numbers of dog owners in the Huon Valley who’ve never before tried a Million Paws Walk.

The Walk in the seaside town of St Helens will use the new venue successfully trialled last year at Stieglitz Beach. It will feature a seaside walk, games, entertainment and catering.

The Inveresk precinct in Launceston has proven to be an ideal venue over the past several years for the Launceston Walk, which traditionally attracts the largest turnout of enthusiastic dogs and their walkers for a Tasmanian Million Paws Walk event.

Along the North West Coast there will be events at Shropshire Park, Ulverstone and at the Stanley Recreation Ground, both events featuring seaside environments, games, entertainment and catering.

All walks around the state start at 11am with on-site registration commencing from 10am.

Register online to fundraise and to take up the Million Paws Walk Challenge, visit

Published: 28 February 2017

Glam with the Governor

In a Government House first, animals will mingle with guests at an official function at Tasmania’s historic Government House next month. But the furry visitors will be more than special and popular guests – event patrons will have the chance to adopt them.

Her Excellency Professor The Honourable Kate Warner, AC, Governor of Tasmania is hosting a special fundraising cocktail party to benefit RSPCA Tasmania on Wednesday 29 March from 5.30pm.

Guests will have the chance to meet Her Excellency; enjoy fine food and wine; listen to live music from Hobart locals Yesterday’s Gentlemen; participate in an auction and raffle, and meet and potentially adopt one of the RSPCA animals attending the event.

Several animals from RSPCA Tasmania will be joining RSPCA staff and guests - an innovation for Government House.

Her Excellency the Governor of Tasmania and our CEO

RSPCA Tasmania CEO Peter West says the charity is thrilled to be hosted by Her Excellency at such an iconic venue.

Governor Warner is our very committed and enthusiastic patron so we are pleased and proud that Her Excellency has chosen the state’s most prolific animal welfare charity to be the beneficiary of this prestigious event.

Many in the community have not been inside Government House so this is a fantastic opportunity to support RSPCA’s many and varied animal welfare activities while enjoying the wonderful food and wine, the unique company of two and four-legged friends and the ambience of the house and grounds.

It will be a truly unique event. We’re hoping that the community will seize this chance to enjoy a unique social experience and at the same time raise much needed funds to continue to help us help Tasmanian animals.

It’s also a wonderful opportunity for business owners to reward their staff and clients with invitations to this unique event, especially those who have never visited Government House.

The main event will take place in the house’s iconic ballroom, with access to the one of the finest examples of Victorian-era private gardens in Australia.

Tickets are available online at

Ten tickets or more purchased in one booking attract a 16% discount. Numbers are limited.

How you can help

Are you ready to welcome an animal into your home? Search the Adoptapet database for animals currently available for adoption at your local Animal Care Centre.

Every purchase from the World For Pets online shop through this link raises funds for RSPCA Tasmania. All products are RSPCA approved.

Every donation great or small helps RSPCA Tasmania continue to help thousands of animals in need every year.