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Ban Live Export

Every year, millions of sheep, cattle and goats are sent on gruelling voyages overseas, only to be slaughtered once they get there. They are sent to destinations where there are no laws to protect them from the cruelty of having their throats cut while fully conscious.

In recent years, Australians have been shocked by the images of the live export trade. In 2011, there was a huge public outcry when the realities of the live export trade to Indonesia were exposed on the ABC’s Four Corners program. This forced the Australian Government to, for the first time, regulate the live export trade, introducing the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System. A system designed to prevent cruelty and to trace all animals exported.

However, despite these new regulations, the cruelty continues. And animals will still suffer the pain and distress of un-stunned slaughter.

what RSPCA NSW is doing

New Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines - Land Transport of Livestock have been developed and aim to ensure that basic animal welfare requirements are met during the transport process. They apply to the major commercial livestock industries in Australia, including cattle, sheep, pigs, horses and poultry, and cover all stages of the transport process: mustering, assembling, handling and preparation, loading, transport and unloading of livestock.

The RSPCA was one of two animal welfare organisations involved in the development of the standards.The RSPCA is disappointed at the slow pace at which the standards have been incorporated into legislation by the states and territories. We would also like to see the standards incorporated into quality assurance programs by the livestock and transport industries. These programs should be independently audited to ensure that they are being complied with.



Ban Live Export

We have seen too many examples of live exports going wrong. It is time for the suffering to stop and the Government to start the transition away from live exports to exporting only meat. This will mean Australian animals are raised and killed in Australia in accordance with Australian laws from the farm gate to slaughter. It will protect Australian animals and Australian farmers.

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