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One of the more obvious ways to recognise a puppy factory is by how they are selling their dogs. Some wholesale them to pet shops, others sell dogs via newspaper classifieds and online pet sites. The latter usually won't provide a street address and don't allow you to visit and view the puppies at the breeding facility. Instead, they'll arrange to meet somewhere away from the puppy factory site. These are clear warning signs, so beware!  

what RSPCA Tasmania is doing

It's an incredibly frustrating situation for the RSPCA. Our Inspectorate currently has very limited authority over puppy factories as they are legally permitted to operate under local council permits, despite serious animal welfare concerns. Legislation only dictates the most basic of animal welfare standards, which are not acceptable to the community or the RSPCA.

You can help by only buying puppies from an Animal Care Centre or RSPCA Tasmania-approved pet shop such as Petbarn (which sells RSPCA animals). You can also support us to lobby for tougher laws and regulations to be put in place.


RSPCA  has a small but experienced squad of law enforcement officers dedicated to policing offences against animals all around Tasmania. Inspectors have the power to remove animals from owners who are cruel, neglectful or indifferent to their animals’ suffering.

Pledge your support

Close puppy factories is an Australian campaign, initiated by the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Protection of Animals). We work in collaboration with local councils, animal welfare groups, and the community to raise awareness of puppy factories, and to campaign for legislative change to close them down.

Join thousands of Australians and pledge your support to help us close these facilities. Take action at WWW.CLOSEPUPPYFACTORIES.ORG

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