Be a Guardian Angel


Once again, RSPCA Tasmania is running our annual Guardian Angel fundraising campaign over summer. By becoming a Guardian Angel to a homeless, neglected animal we are asking the public to give the ultimate Christmas gift – kindness.

The hero of this year’s Tasmanian campaign is Max, a beautiful Maltese Terrier who now enjoys an amazing life with his new best friend, Raffa.

But it wasn't always such a happy time for Max. The beginning of his life was spent in filthy living conditions. He wasn’t properly looked after; he wasn’t groomed or bathed and his coat was matted. He suffered from severe skin irritation as well as chronic conjunctivitis as a result of the matted fur around his eyes.

Thankfully for Max, his condition was recognised by a concerned member of the public and he was seized by one of our Inspectors. When he was brought into the RSPCA Tasmania Animal Care Centre, Max was so distressed, he had to be sedated by a vet before he could be groomed.

Max was placed in foster care where, over time, he began to trust people.  Now, he is such a joy to have around; he is an adorable little dog and is very attached to his new buddy, Raffa. He became such an important member of his foster family that he was subsequently adopted by his foster mum!

In the leadup to and over the Christmas New Year period RSPCA Tasmania is expecting an influx of animals to our three Animal Care Centres around the state. Accordingly, we are seeking to raise $30,000 to help cover the costs of keeping these animals safe and well until they find their forever homes.

To read Peter West's letter about Max and why becoming a RSPCA Guardian Angel is so important, click here.

To become an RSPCA Guardian Angel this Christmas, click here.

Thanks for your wonderful support.


Max when he was found
Max and new best friend Raffa 
 Max when he was found  Max as he is now with his new best friend, Raffa